Lead Generation

So, how do you get these leads? Well, to use a fishing analogy, you need to throw out some bait lines and wait for something to grab on! 

We use an inbound marketing methodology. Basically, we create customer personas. We need to know your customer types, what are their demographics, what are they looking for, where and how are they looking, what stage in the buying process are they in.  After we help you flush out your different ideal customer types (personas), we put out some bait lines in multiple locations. We bait with online advertising, web content, make your website discoverable in Google search results and sprinkle in some tactical social network postings and possibly some email campaigns.
Remember how we created customer personas? Let’s now use them. Once we have prospects on the line, we put those different personas (or customer types) on their own buyer journey. Um, What? Basically, we do not want to pull in all customer prospects and put them all into the same bucket. We want to pull in different lead types using different methods and put them into buckets that play to their needs and expectations. They will be more likely to engage and purchase your product and services if their experience is customized towards their buyer goals. They have a need, you have a solution!